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A little about me.


I was born in Germany and raised by parents who grew up in South America. I am happy about my multi-cultural upbringing which has given me an open-minded view on different cultures.


In my early teens I discovered my passion for science and technology, which lead me to choose the studies of Media and Computer Science in Hamburg, Germany. After graduation I applied my passion for Programming and Computer Graphics in my work for the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Munich. During this time, I developed great interest in Robotics and Artifiial Intelligence, so I decided to enrol in a Masters Degree to learn more about it. The University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, Australia offered just the right course for me and provided me the opportunity to experience living in another country.

I loved Australia since the day I arrived. After my graduation from UNSW in 2008 I decided to stay in Australia while I kept working for the DLR as a contractor in R&D. A couple of years later after this project was completed, I decided to take my interest in research and Robotics/AI a step further and enrolled for a PhD at UNSW. I enjoyed this very much. Since then, I am continuing my career in research and development of robotic applications (see also my CV).


In my free time I really enjoy camping and all kinds of outdoor adventures. I love building things, in particular camper van interiors. I fulfilled one of my dreams with buying a kombi van in Australia, which I kept customizing. I love this little van which has been my home during my travels, and has not let me down very often - well.. a few break-downs are part of the fun, aren't they?

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